Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing to Help You Get Results

Inbound marketing is a proven method for companies seeking to get better results and more from their marketing budgets. At Rutkin Marketing, we help companies increase leads, customers and marketing ROI through inbound marketing strategies focusing on relevant content, search engine optimization, social media marketing.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Competition is fierce. Buyers rely on the Internet for almost everything, actively searching for solutions to their problems. Google and other search engines deliver these answers in seconds, blog articles provide an authoritative way for companies likes yours to demonstrate expertise before making a purchasing decision, and social media provides the way to connect and build referrals.

Inbound Marketing Statistics

So, are you IN or OUT? Your competitors understand this point and are working diligently to capitalize on it. Are you?

Why Work With An Inbound Marketing Firm?

Like any strategy, inbound marketing provides more ways to target and measure results. But it takes time and expertise to get it done. It’s not something you can just hire some kid out of college to do. Anyone can post on social media. The difference is in the experience and knowledge to build the strategy, to execute effectively, and to deliver results. The learning curve of trying to do it inhouse can slow down your efficiency and limit the results you get.

Inbound Methodology is comprised of four distinct phases. Our strategy at any given point in time will focus on the phase that we collaboratively determine will be of highest impact.

A well-integrated inbound marketing strategy includes a variety of disciplines that address each stage of how a buyer typically makes a decision to purchase a service or product from your company.

Each discipline requires specific skills and tricks-of-the-trade learned from working on many campaigns across industries and verticals.

For many companies it’s more cost- and time-effective to outsource inbound marketing for a fraction of the cost rather than to add and train 1-2 full-time employees.

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